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What are we about? Guerrilla Breed began in a local Oklahoma City Barbershop. One day while waiting for a haircut Jim Conway came across another talented rap artist in James "Deezy" Curd.  On their own they were lacking resources but together they would find strength in unity. Like many startups, passion overrides the lack of experience and drives it forward. They were excited to make a difference, ready to impact their city and showcase their God given talents.  Even with a few talented engineers and lyricists there was still so much more lacking.

A nucleus of local artists who were part of the same Oklahoma City based music culture provided the pool for the first Guerrilla Breed artists.  The work in the studio and on stage was a reflection of years spent grinding and honing their skills.

With community shows and great tracks, word spread fast across the Oklahoma about a group of artists and film makers who were passionate about seeing the culture flourish no matter what the cost.

Fast forward two years now,  The studios are nicer.  The crowds are larger but the mission remains the same.  To impact the culture through unconventional means. TOGETHER.

Guerrilla Breed values character and integrity above talent.  Our mission is to innovate and elevate the culture. Guerrilla Breed encourages artists of all types to chase after their dreams through unconventional methods because Art is Life.




The Guerrilla Breed gear logo represents the many different cogs of the Guerrilla Breed Collective. They are all essential.  They all have something to contribute to the culture.  They do not waiver. They do not compromise. They overcome.





Music is at the heart of Guerrilla Breed’s core values.  We empower at risk youth that are passionate about succeeding in the music industry to reach their goals and dreams.  Renowned Oklahoma artists who are the very best at what they do donate their time and resources to give students exposure to what a musicians ‘life is all about.


We believe that Clothing should lift your spirits.  What you wear says a lot about you.  The Guerrilla Breed T-shirt line is comfortable, practical, and affordable.  Please stay tuned in as we expand greatly in 2016. 



We pride ourselves on being consistent when dealing with our students.  Through weekly Campus Life Clubs and after school programs we aim to leave a lasting impact on the next generation. 

    |Hiphop Culture

At Guerrilla Breed we promote a culture of inclusiveness.  Everyone has something to contribute.  We are passionate about bringing out the best in our partners, artists, and mentees.  We utilize hip-hop as a tool and a positive cultural exchange in several ways.  Through education, empowerment, and community involvement we add value to our city and encourage the core values of Hip-hop culture: Peace, love, unity, and having fun.  



We our investied in our Oklahoma City Communities.  Through outreach programs, bennefit concerts, and fundraisers Guerrilla Brand makes qaurterly contributions.



Guerrilla Breed affords at risk youth the oppurtunity to explore their interests in media and technology.  Through our partners they can  also take advantage of a diverse set of design courses, and independent studies with media / technology companies



We partner with local entrepreneurs to provide quarterly workshops for students where they learn basic branding concepts and gain access to various marketing strategies used in  music and media.


    |Spiritual Growth

We are invested in the salvation of our partners and mentees.   We promote walking a higher path  and making positive life choices.